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5 October 2018

Last Chance for UK VW Group Brand Users to Claim from Volkswagen AG

Unbelievably, compensation has not yet been paid out by Volkswagen UK group for it transgressions on the vehicle emissions cover-up.  Group litigation action is being compiled by Slater Gordon and the last date for your submission is assumed to be 26th October 2018.  This applies whether or not you sill have an affected car, and whether or not it has been modified by the Volkswagen Group.  Indidividual brands affected include Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Porsche.  If you are unsure about your own car, refer to your brand service dealer for advice immediately.

4 October 2018

London Councils Make £1m profit DAILY from Parking Fees and Fines

Integrated Transport Planning Consultancy tell us that under freedom of information disclosures, London Boroughs took a total of £589m in the last financial year, expending £234m on operating costs to leave a surplus of £361m (almost a million quid every 24 hours) which is supposed to be re-invested in alleviating road congestion and repairs.  It mainly went on concessionary public fares, pothole repair and providing more parking spaces.

Think on that, next time you’re stuck in London in public transport or your own wheels.

04 October 2018

Upward Trending Fuel Prices, Thanks to Trump vs Iran

We already have the spectre of oil prices into the UK increasing rapidly as the UK falls out of the EU and our currency is devalued; fuel prices at the pumps will increase proportionally to mirror this, and the comment by Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference to acknowledge they need to ‘hold’ fuel taxes is a half-hearted nod to that.   This contrasts nicely with Philip Hammond’s remarks that he wants to raise fuel duty from the current 57.95 pence per litre, to cost the average car driver about £850 more annually - while putting a much bigger burden on companies beyond £2,000 per transport vehicle.

More immediately, The export embargo planned by the USA in response to the Iranian position on ‘nuclear’ is due to bite hard for UK fuel retailers in November, as world demand potentially exceeds supply from the other producing markets to make up for the Iranian embargo.  Note that the USA has become more or less self-sufficient in oil production due to a combination of increased domestic oil production (including ‘fracking’) and less reliance on oil as an energy supply.  So thanks Mr Trump, the embargo suits you well, while at the same time harming the world economy.  Very inward-looking and short-sighted, will it eventually bite you in the posterior?

30 July 2018

UK registrations free-fall despite Europe up 3% in first half.  

At 9.2 million, sales of new cars in Europe are confirmed to be up 2.7% in the first half of 2018 (source JATO).  Meanwhile in the UK, sales in the first half have sunk only 5% (SMMT) but this masks the continuing exponential slide, as reported by a number of dealer groups study their future.

A telephone poll carried out today reveals several (un-named) large dealer groups are continually revising downward their forecasts for new/used car sales and after-sales profit contributions and guess at reduced subsidies being granted by their car importer suppliers.  Consideration is also being given to de-franchising and even closing unsustainable retail outlets completely.

All this is leading car makers (national sales companies) to accelerate plans to sell/rent new cars direct to the public, and finally accept they have to take the financial burden and other vagaries of used car trade-Ins and dealing direct with the public…..

The public meanwhile are spending their credit limit on UK holidays this year, rather than invest in metal, electronics and so on.  Imitating ostriches has seemingly become a national craze.

Will somebody eventually come up with the idea of converting the many surplus retail premises into affordable accommodation?