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This is a range of topical (and sometimes non-topical) discourses on specific issues which should be of interest to professional road users, enthusiasts and even those who consider themselves to be industry experts.  They are the considered opinions of individuals and interest groups and are duly moderated viewpoints.  It is therefore down to the reader to accept or deny their worth - INFORMED comments and references would therefore be greatly appreciated.  

While it is not our intention to mirror Wikipedia or any other knowledge-base, our moderators act only to improve accuracy and to uphold common decency  We seek the opinion of outside experts when necessary, and reserve the right as to publish - or not.

To access an article, please click on the subject link to gain access.  Please note that all original matter IS under natural copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part subject to prior specific permissions.  Conversely, page references may be applied.



Diesel - Down, Dirty and OUT?

The past and recent history of diesel vehicles including emissions standards, the health, political and ‘green’ influences being applied to stop us using the most cost-effective and flexible fuel, and the alternatives available to professional Utility, Commercial and enthusiast road users.

Which Motive Power?

A discourse on the pluses, minuses and practicalities of the various vehicle power sources we are currently presented with - from petrol to full electric, and research into future alternatives such as hydrogen and atomic fusion.

EU Vehicle Driving post-Brexit

We await any sense from the UK government - or will it be just Teresa May dictating to us again after 12 May 2019?  Whatever, make sure you cover ALL your administrative requirements such as an International Drivers licence for each country you are visiting