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In a word, DON’T

Don’t implement SSL with Names.co.uk without extremely careful consideration of the implications, as I failed to do.  Here are my experiences with this ……

The selling blurb by this firm claims;

This is all proven to be untrue.  One month on, the ‘secure’ website is not working.  They claim to do everything for you but a lot of totally inscrutable replies are received and they are therefore just about as useful as Theresa May - good for slagging off but not for any forward progress.   The current impasse is shown below in the yellow highlighted box.

I am therefore drawn to the following conclusions;

Many people who set up websites are using highly developed front-end applications such as WebPlus, Dreamweaver, Microsoft etc., as their priority is not to fiddle with endless coding permutations, but to design a website front-end quickly and without coding problems.  I also suspect Namesco have assumed all users are tech-savvy and doing nothing else but web design all week.  They are also probably assuming all their customers are using ‘free’ Wordpress which is a complex city of code with almost zero user front-end (unless payment is made).  These are dangerously inappropriate assumptions by Namesco.

If you are not very programming code-savvy, do not use this company.  You may well find it much easier and cheaper to go direct to the many background SSL suppliers such as Geotrust.

It is difficult to prove or disprove that implementing SSL will have any effect whatsoever upon improving the visibility of your website(s).  It is my belief that having something to actively interest your relevant audience directly (and supported by social media) is much more important.

In my view you should therefore use SSL only if you are planning a volume of financial transactions directly upon your website, or have password-protected sub-webs for multiple users.  Alternatives; for payment transactions it will be more convenient to use some commercial intermediaries (such as PayPal) where all transactions are handled on THEIR secure websites for a small poundage fee - many of these services will also handle foreign currency transactions with relatively economical currency exchange fees.  Your products/services are easily entered into an existing framework which the inexperienced ‘app-only’ experienced user will readily understand without huge time investment.

Service Affected: GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Certificate

Title: Will It Ever Work?

I bought this feature one month ago.  In your selling rubbish you said using SSL would improve visibility of the website but this has proven to be totally untrue.  The SSL version of my website is getting no traffic at all, while the ‘old’ version still has moderate traffic.  So that's disproven.

Even more importantly, you claim "we'll handle the entire installation process for you" and you also quote a setup time of up to 24 hours.  Here we are, one whole month on and despite many contacts, with various impossible gobbledy-gook replies coming to me, still not working.  You have made some remark about adding code to a 'web'config' file but I don't have this either on my local computer or on the website, I have queried the absence of this file but received zero reply.

None of this complies with your promise in the sales function above, it is disgraceful.  Most importantly of all, my last complaint about this under "tell the boss" has been completely ignored.  Therefore see web page;


Sensible Namesco Responses;

(Zero to 11 May 2019)

Update 11 May 2019;

Nothing from Namesco.  Further query sent as follows;

5 further days on and you have not commented, merely closed the file on 6th May.  I have had nothing whatsoever from 'Customer Relations' either.  This is disgraceful and will be reflected in my website.