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The primary objective of all transport is to get from one place to another at a time convenient to your life - whether that be for leisure, for business, participation in sport or competition or purely as an enthusiast of your chosen version of wheeled power.  To satisfy these needs and wants we are inevitably drawn to the use of personal transport as this adds the privacy and time-efficiency we often require.  In turn, some form of investment will be required to achieve that.  Our aim is to assist you in achieving this.

There are many complex factors at work in this investment area, not least among them being the availability of funds, your stance on ecology, plus the practical usage aspects including parking and storage.  For example if you live in central London, an owned Ferrari parked by the roadside doesn’t seem too practical.  A collapsible bike may be much more practical when interfaced with the use of public transport on demand. Your objective will probably be to balance investment with convenience and time efficiency.

We will endeavour to de-mystify and inform many relevant issues as our website increases in scope and depth.  

The Basics

Although we might profess to favour just one form of transport, typically we physically scan for what might be available to suit our circumstances at that particular moment.  For instance;

Choosing a Car

Firstly, is it really necessary to make a substantial and irrevocable investment in owning a car?  Even an old banger bought for a few hundred pounds will require many standing costs without turning a wheel and very often future running costs are either ignored totally, or it may even be hoped they will never happen!  Typical costs would embrace;

How to Find a Test - Search

You can readily follow the menu system shown above to search by make then model, or alternatively simply enter in the box below your search term such as “308” or “hatchback”, or even “petrol 1100cc” to display the relevant results page, then simply select the most relevant result from the displayed listing.  If a similar model is not shown, please use the enquiry form and we will respond as we are able.