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When and What We Test

We tend to focus upon new model releases of cars, simply because this is the most prolific activity area - cars universally outnumber all other forms of transport and are normally the most desired.  We include light commercial vehicles, mini-buses, RV’s and all major forms of two-wheelers.  We suspect that in the course of doing this, we will need to invest in cycle-clips.

We also cover existing models when they become relevant for instance by suddenly entering the limelight, and when vehicles we had previously ignored, are found to be achieving high volumes of satisfied customers.  For instance although we were happy to ignore the series one Nissan Leaf, the second iteration addresses many of the weaknesses previously present and will hopefully become more widely accepted as a practical proposition - thus our desire to test this car very soon.

We are not particularly wedded to any one form of propulsion, and we do not intend to campaign with bias.  For instance, although it is clear to see that electric vehicles are increasing in volume sales, their actual sales numbers are still incredibly small.  Conversely there is a lot of voyeuristic interest in electric cars as being the ecological answer to every problem on the planet, consequently there is far too much much totally un-informed hear-say.

Our Vehicle Test Formats

We have three standard formats when testing vehicles brought to our attention, and these comprise;

  1. Brief first impressions gained at press launches or other day events organised by manufacturers or their dealers - or from vehicles supplied by intermediaries in the associated supply/sales chain.  We will also respond to specific reader requests if relevant and possible.  Thus, these are very much our impressions as consumers - and may lead to more detailed testing.  Such reports may generally be from 100 to 600 words long.
  2. Vehicles supplied to us for short term assessment - usually 1 to 2 weeks - in which we are able to use a clearly defined and repeatable test route over 200 miles, and during which we measure many aspects of real-life performance using standard test instruments.  A 100-point questionnaire enables comparisons of vital statistics, features and properties against direct competitors and comprise dimensions, statistical performance and economy. Where available from our owner surveys, trends may be commented upon - including satisfaction levels, reliability and dealer subjects. Typically, cars will be the primary focus but we remain open to analysing all forms of personal transport.
  3. Depth tests carried out on one or a group of competitive vehicles, at times over a longer period.  As we may have particular objectives such as ecological statistics, the total content of these tests do vary, but should normally embrace the above and will be even more comprehensive in nature.

All analyses are compiled in standard formats - including objective and subjective comments - in addition to relevant measures logged.  Wherever practical, we use standard comparison measures, one example being accelerometers.  Our objective is to enable you to understand how it will perform against your essential requirements and aspirations.  Accordingly, although we love to drive fast cars, our tests focus upon the kind of cars you are likely to go out and actually buy.

A final word.  Although we normally show the full retail price of the vehicle tested together with an approximation of the range of prices of variants, we emphasise that different retailers have widely varying transaction prices which may - or may not - suit your personal circumstances.  The range can embrace accredited dealers, on-line agencies, car finance providers, the car maker themselves and even Uncle Tom Cobbley. Therefore we can only suggest that researching availability, vendor reputation and transaction prices will be is your most important next task.  Our buying guide may help you further in this.

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Principle Car Brands Recently Tested

How to Find a Test - Search

You can readily follow the menu buttons in the header to search by make then model, or alternatively simply enter in the box below your search term such as “308” or “hatchback”, or even “petrol 1100cc” to display the relevant results page, then simply select the most relevant result from the displayed listing.  If a similar model is not shown, please use the enquiry form and we will respond promptly and in a way to help you be as informed as is possible.