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  Cowboy retail shop salesman refusing sale of specifically requested equipment

  Ignoring/arguing with customers

  Overcharging vs competitors

  Dysfunctional and unreliable hardware

  Huawei phone is sending info to where???? DAILY.  Spying?

  Vodafone avoiding moral and legal responsibility, using ‘big company bully’ tactics

  Avoiding major issues and focusing upon the immaterial.  White is the new black?

Summary Results of Consumer Surveys held December 2018 to February 2019

Vodafone Sales and Support Performance

Qualifications; Using Huawei mobile for more than 3 months, age over 21, monthly account

Respondents: 2,010

Q. Prior to signing a hardware and use contract, were you adequately advised of the conditions?

Yes  43%, No 48% Don’t Know 9%

Q. Were you clearly advised that new phone contracts are subject to 30-day ‘sale or return’?

Yes  33%  No 60%  Already Aware  7%

Q. If needing to complain to Vodafone on-line or by phone, were you satisfied with the outcome?

Yes 9%  Not resolved by Vodafone  63%  Vodafone Evasive/gave up complaining 28%

Q. If using Vodafone retail shops for support, were you satisfied with the outcome?

Yes 51% No 35% Gave up 14%

Q. Next time you renew, would you choose Vodafone or another network provider?

Vodafone 28%  O2 49%  Total of other Networks 23%  

  Huawei P20 Pro Satisfaction survey

  Respondents: 1,526.

Q. What was your initial impression on first using this mobile?

Excellent 92%  Average 2%  No answer 6%

Q. Are you satisfied with the layout and usability of software and apps on your mobile?

Satisfied 51%  Dissatisfied 23%  No opinion 16%  Spoiled answers 1%

Q. Have you regularly experienced Huawei communicating with ‘somebody’ while not in use?

Yes 83%  No 6%  Don’t know 11%

Q. Have you experienced reliability issues that required external intervention by others?

Yes  13%  No 74%   Vendor contract summarily cancelled 9%  Spoiled answer 3%

Contact Details for Senior Management of Vodafone

Nick Jeffery is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) otherwise often referred to as Managing Director.  My opinion is that bad news will be diverted, so forget this as a viable route to get customer satisfaction, they just ain’t interested as they believe a  new customer is always available!  No, they are bankrupt of satisfied customers.

His email address is nickjeffery@vodafone.com.  Any email you send requesting action, will be forwarded to some junior who will claim to be “in the Directors Office and dealing with your complaint personally on behalf of Nick”.  This is a dead-end road to continue the perpetual dysfunctionality of Vodafone.

Nick Jeffery is on LinkedIn under this name.  Probably this is actually some complaints call centre in goodness knows where.  ‘Whoever’ appears to like outgoing messaging, but if you contact him via LinkedIn asking him to intervene with a complaint, he will delete your connection and become ‘invisible’.  He is also likely to complain to LinkedIn in an attempt to have your own LinkedIn account deleted.

Goggle or better search engines will reveal a reasonably comprehensive list of directors’ personal information should you wish to use it.

Obviously they get a huge volume of customer complaints by phone as well, so they have become very expert indeed in using every rogue scam in the book to thwart your desire to directly contact Nick Jeffery - or any other senior person for that matter.

Summary of Individual Complaints made 5 Feb and 8 March 2019

Behaviour Traits



Lack of interpersonal skills

Believing there is always a new customer

Many layers of obfuscation

Intransigence (will Teresa May be Chairwoman soon?)




Vodafone are in my opinion, in cloud-cuckoo land.  If everything is going according to plan, fine even though their pricing is clearly far too ambitious.  This business is focused mainly upon the need to return a very high level of profitability per unit and may well be used to build cash reserves within the business to finance an attempt to dominate the future introduction of 5G technology.

If however problems are experienced, the chances of any practical resolution are very slight.  The attitude seems to be “either accept the situation without any help from Vodafone, or go boil your head as we will always have new customers to replace you” .In my deduction from these surveys, this is effectively their policy and probably explicitly published to all within their customer-facing activities.

Current Exchanges

14 March - They obfuscate like pro’s.  Insisting on loads of data “to prove who I am”  I ask for communications to be written

15 March - They email the link to an ‘identity form’ which they have obviously just designed.  The link is incorrect.

18 March - They send new link which does work, I submit form and an email.

19 March  - They suggest I complete the form and send it to them.  My answer sent suggesting they sort themselves out

Awaiting next exciting instalment. . . . .  Thanks to all Vodagroan users who have responded positively, also to O2 and 3.