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16 September 2018 - Updated 12 April 2019

Ruling Class Gone to Lunch - Yet Again

I am amazed to find that when I came to edit this today, so little needs changing.  What are our politicians doing to us?

What ARE the idiots we call our Members of Parliament playing at?  Here we are nearly 3 years on from the European Referendum result - never mind the wisdom of that - and we still have no forward movement.  Instead, these congenital fools have indulged in a childishly irresponsible excess of power politics and personal gain/agrandisment.  

Irrespective of your opinion of the job our PM is doing, the last thing we need now is a General Election causing several more months’ delay and the seemingly unavoidable consequent political deadlock.  Witness the chaos present in the Labour Party.  Even the Lib-dems - who of late seemed to be the only party talking frankly and constructively - seem to want to ‘re-invent’ themselves.  Why now, for goodness sake?  Polls show the British people now want to stay in the EU, in approximately 55% ‘for’.  Marches and protests are taking place all over little England and by Brits resident in European countries in support of the EU.  Give me a break, I could go on……….

If you speak to intelligent Europeans, they all think we were fools to vote against the EU, and they can see this fully confirmed in all the sheet that’s going on now.  Remember, the Greek voters in the face of bullying from the EU, decided to stay with them?  Doesn’t this make us look a load of mindless asses NOW TO THE WHOLE WORLD?  Hee-haw, hee-haw.

Now let’s think positive.  Cut out the politics and all that wasted energy can be re-channelled into SOMETHING positive.  Nothing less than a small action-centred cross-party working organisation composed of MP’s and EXPERIENCED Lords, economic and financial experts and top level businessmen (Who are not the Donald).  Ideally this will also include a member of the European Parliament and perhaps even Donald Tusk.  

Their immediate task will be to organise a proper and legal UK Referendum in which the Electorate are asked what they do want across a wide range of relevant subjects.  This will need to be electronic as a series of referendii on divided issues would follow.

Their second task will be to positively confirm the ongoing status of all EU migrants in the UK, and to determine a policy for immigrants from outside the EU - this being our problem although the ignorant would class anybody not English as ‘foreign’.

The third task would be to resolve the arguments - current and probable future - of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Gibraltar and the Falklands.  In other words, are we to be Great Britain, the United Kingdom, or Little England?